Powerlifting Video Content

Fall 2021 - Present

Since my first powerlifting meet in November 2021, I've been hooked on the sport and eager to share its positive impact on my mental, physical, and social well-being through TikTok. My goal is to focus on three main themes in my social media content. 1) I want to document my powerlifting journey, showcasing the people, events, and valuable lessons I've learned along the way. 2) I aim to educate others about powerlifting programming, equipment, and cues to help them become better lifters. 3)  I want to provide meal inspiration that encourages others to adopt a whole food diet and embrace cooking at home.

Participating in powerlifting has taught me the importance of persistence, patience, and the transformative power of hard work. Through my video content, I hope to inspire and motivate others by sharing my experiences and knowledge gained from this incredible sport. Find examples of my content below or on my Tik Tok account here.


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