Portrait Photography

Spring 2014 - Spring 2021

After receiving my first DSLR camera in 2013, I was immediately drawn to portrait photography (which made sense given I always loved drawing portraits throughout my life). The style I developed can be described as cinematic and dreamy, almost like paintings, with a focus on celebrating femininity. Taking these kinds of portraits became an escape for me during my teenage years, helping me navigate through the confusion and changes that come with that period. I also experimented frequently with 35mm film and polaroid photography, falling in love with the process as much as my digital work.

I drew inspiration from European Baroque and Romanticist paintings since I’ve always admired American and European history. I also enjoyed studying cinematography and color theory, specifically by directors like Andrei Tarkovsky, Christopher Nolan, and Sofia Coppola that all had moody undertones to their work. I also found inspiration from Instagram photographers like Fanny Latour Lambert, Jenny Woods, and Paolo Raeli, and was inspired to share my work online like them. You can check out some of my favorite pieces below, and see more of my photography on my Instagram here.

Awards: Award of Achievement: South Suburban Conference (2018), Exhibition: Perpich Youth Curated Photo and Video Exhibit (2017)

Publications: SABER Magazine (Spring 2019), Avant Photo (Issue 2), Dreamingless Magazine (Dec 2015)




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